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WiFi module test scheme

WiFi test plan

WiFi module test requirements:

1. WiFi module full function and index detection, generally select the parameter measurement under the combination of high, medium and low frequency and high and low speed in the frequency band

(1) transmitter: average power, vector error EVM, frequency error, spectrum template

(2) Receiver: sensitivity (per)

(3) Different modes (A / B / g / N / AC, different speed, etc.) measurement

2. Configuration: WiFi comprehensive tester, shielding box X2 (n), test fixture X2 (n), connecting wire, automatic test software


Schematic diagram of WiFi online detection system test scheme


In order to improve the utilization of instruments and reduce the production cost, we can use the method of "one drag eight" or "one drag many"

WiFi test plan description

1. It can be equipped with the function of anti daze to prevent workers from releasing the defective products

2. Pass / fail threshold adjustable

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