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Bluetooth headset test system

Bluetooth headset test  solution

Measurable products: Bluetooth headset (including microphone), Bluetooth ANC headset, TWS headset.


Features of Bluetooth headset test scheme:

1. Support PCBA and finished product test

2. Support & ldquo; one for two & rdquo;, one instrument can test two earphones at the same time

3. Bluetooth pairing as fast as 3 seconds, test time as fast as 15 seconds

4. No shielding box is required (pairing via MAC address or limiting Bluetooth connection distance)

5. The software can read and display the name, power, MAC address, RSS power, volume and other information of Bluetooth device.

6. Superbow surge capacity: CSR, MTK, zhongxingwei, ruixinwei, chuangjie, Jerry, Botong, etc.

7. Support A2DP, HFP (support wideband, MIC can measure 8kHz), HSP protocol and apt sub protocol.

8. The software automatically controls search, pairing, disconnection and other functions, as well as audio mode switching between A2DP and HFP.

9. Support NFC to read and burn MAC address (additional NFC sensing equipment is required)

10. Full digital signal transmission, no signal distortion caused by traditional dongles digital to analog.

11. Support key test: play pause, volume up, volume down, previous, next

12. Support function test: it can play music, recording and playback.

Bluetooth headset test content:

1. Horn: frequency response, thd, polarity, SNR, balance, crosstalk, rub & buzz, finebuzz (to be replaced)

2. Microphone: frequency response, thd, SNR

3. Key test: play pause, volume up, volume down, previous, next

4. Function test: Bluetooth device name, RSSI, playing music, recording and playback.

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