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Test scheme of intelligent speaker

Test scheme of intelligent speaker

Measurable products: micpcb semi-finished products, spkpcb semi-finished products, intelligent speaker finished products


Small audio test scheme of intelligent speaker

Smart speaker test features:

1. Support 8mems mic test.

2. Support analog pdmi2s interface.

3. speaker units can be tested at the same time (using 4 measuring microphones)

4. Support Ethernet usbmifv basket teeth to transmit audio signal, and test the smart speaker.

5. It can provide AP interface, support secondary development, and upload data to MES system.

6. Support 2C and GPIO control PCB.

7. Test fixture can be customized.

Test content of smart Speaker:

1. Horn: frequency response, thd, SNR horn: frequency response, thd, SNR, Rubo & buzz, finebuz2

2. Microphone: frequency response, thd, SNR.

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