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5g OTA mini test darkroom system

Application of 5g Mini OTA darkroom system

Ota2306 is a mini type GNSS OTA shielded darkroom system. The system design is based on the user experience and the environmental attitude angle and other factors. The design working frequency is 1000mhz-2.2ghz, For the standard far-field with 780mm sampling distance, the probe designed for GNSS frequency has been optimized in terms of stability, directionality, gain and polarization, and can accurately measure the sensitivity, gain, direction and other parameters. With the gnsstp test platform and related instruments of changeself, it can support all active tests in the GNSS working band, which provides powerful help for you to quickly find the problem.

5g Mini OTA test hardware system:


1、 Design features of 5g Mini OTA

A. The shield shell of ota2306 is designed as upper cone and lower rectangle, with the overall dimension of (L) 1045x (W) 900X (H) 2585mm ± 5mm and movable design.

B. The shell is made of all aluminum with casters, which is easy to move and solves the handling difficulties caused by small doors and elevators.

C. The screen door adopts the special design of two conductive nets combined with a more flat all alumina door. The screen capacity is more than 85dB, and the switch is easier.

D. The interior is fully paved with environmental protection absorbing materials, and the anti odor and formaldehyde are qualified.

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