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Jc-an5075 horn test antenna

1、 Jc-an5075 horn antenna product introduction:

Jc-an5075 50ghz-75ghz horn antenna is a broadband antenna with a frequency coverage of 50ghz-75ghz, stable standing wave, a standing wave ratio of less than 2, compact size and excellent workmanship. It is widely used in millimeter wave testing.

2、 Jc-an5075 horn antenna specification

 JC-AN5075喇叭天线规格参数型号	JC-50Ghz~75Ghz 频率(Frequency Range)	50~75GHz 增益(Gain)   	50dB @ 50 GHz       60dB @ 60GHz 66dB @ 70GHz      16.7 dB @ 75GHz 驻波比(VSWR)	Typ≤1.5: 1 3dB波瓣宽度(HPBW)	19.2°@50GHz       19.9°@ 60 GHz 20.8°@ 70GHz    20.5 °@ 75 GHz 极化方式(Polarization)	线极化 端口阻抗(Zo)	50 Ohm  射频接口(RF Connector)	1.85Connector(F) 尺寸(Dimension)	(L) 60 x  (W) 35 x  (H) 100 mm

3、 Standing wave test (VSWR) results of jc-an5075 horn antenna


三、 喇叭天线增益测试(VSWR)结果

三、 喇叭天线增益测试(VSWR)结果






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