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JC—G006C Sliding door Loudspeaker box

JC—G006C Loudspeaker box Product introduction

A pneumatic speaker, suitable for mobile phones, headphones, small speakers or audio equipment detection. The speaker is made of Fanjin, which has the advantages of light halo, high strength, good sound insulation and tightness, firm structure, simple and labor-saving operation. It is an economic and practical sound insulation test box at present. The speaker is to test the product in a certain sound environment and get the noise of the test product. For example, when the external noise is 70 decibels, the product is tested in an environment of 30 decibels. Main functions and application scope: provide sound insulation test environment for product noise test, also known as shielding box

Jc-g006c sliding door type sound isolating and shielding box application scope

? audio test;

? Provide sound insulation test environment for product noise test

Jc-g006c performance index parameters of sliding door type loudspeaker

1. Mechanical characteristics:

2.Rated operation mode: manual operation.

3.Boundary dimension: (L) 650x (W) 686x (H) 565mm

4.Box size: (L) 565x (W) 579x (H) 545mm

5.Working dimension: (L) 370x (W) 380x (H) 350mm

6.Box material: sheet metal

7.Surface color: Beige (other colors can be selected according to customer requirements)

8.Weight: About 90kg

Jc-g006c volume separation:

Noise pressure level of external environment: 80dB (a),

Indoor noise: 30-40db (a)

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