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SZGB3038 Soundproof box

SZGB3038 soundproof box Soundproof box

a kind of pneumatic soundproof boxThe speaker is welded with sheet metal material. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good sound insulation and tightness, and firm structure. The interior adopts multi-layer high-quality sound insulation and absorption materials and leading assembly technology to ensure the quality of the product. It is suitable for audio test of wireless communication devices such as mobile phones. The utility model has the advantages of simple operation and labor saving, and is an economic and practical sound insulation box at present.

Function and scope of application

Provide sound insulation test environment for product noise test.

SZGB3038 soundproof box Basic parameters

Material: sheet metal + sound insulation and absorption material (10 + 9 + 2 + 30)

Communication port: RS232 (DB9), RJ45

Appearance color: beige

Working stroke: 340mm

Sound insulation effect: outdoor noise 80dB, indoor noise ≤ 40dB

Working dimension: (L) 340x (W) 240x (H) 145mm ± 5mm

Box size: (L) 550 x (W) 360x (H) 575mm ± 5mm

Appearance dimension: (L) 590x (W) 380x (H) 1640mm ± 5mm

SZGB3038 soundproof box Dimensions


soundproof box  Interface configuration

接口名称 DB9 DB25 USB2.0 1 接口规格参数 标准串口传输,耐压直流0-100V/1.6A 标准USB2.0数据传输480Mbps/1.8A 1 2 10 数量 BNC 特性电阻 50Ω ,频率范围 0~6GHz DC 1 直流0-100V/3A 标准并口传输,耐压直流0-100V/1.6A 隔板气接口1 ?6 RJ45 2 标准1000M网口数据传输/1.6A

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