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DB3011?soundproof box

soundproof box Function and scope of application

Jc-db3011 shielded speaker is a manual soundproof. The speaker is welded with sheet metal material, which is suitable for audio test of equipment. Main functions and application scope: provide sound insulation test environment for product noise test, also known as sound insulation shielding box

Wireless communication shielding test

EMI test, EMS test

Coupling test (coupling antenna is equipped separately)

RF function test

soundproof box  Basic parameters

Materials: sheet metal

Appearance color: beige

Opening and closing angle: 35.8 °

Working frequency: 0.8ghz-2.4ghz

Shielding effect: 0.8ghz-2.4ghz ≥ 70dB

Sound insulation effect: external ≥ 80dB, internal ≤ 35dB

Working dimension: (L) 600X (W) 500X (H) 500mm ± 5mm

Box size: (L) 750x (W) 650x (H) 645mm ± 5mm

Appearance dimension: (L) 860x (W) 780X (H) 745mm ± 5mm

Table size: (L) 900X (W) 800X (H) 825mm ± 5mm (including Caster)

Boundary dimension of jc-db3011 shielding sound insulation box

Boundary dimension of jc-db3011 shielding sound insulation box

JC-DB3011 soundproof box   Interface configuration

Interface name DB9 DB25 usb2.01 interface specification parameter 4.5mbps, withstand voltage DC 0-60v / 1.3A standard USB2.0 data transmission 480mbps / 1.5A 14 2 quantity sma-sma characteristic resistance 50 Ω, frequency range 0-6GHz waveguide 1 / 50

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