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Gb33560 shielding cabinet

Jc-gb33560 shielding cabinet product introduction

Shielding cabinet is a kind of shielding body with various shapes made of conductive or magnetic conducting materials, which limits the electromagnetic capacity within a certain space range and is used to suppress radiation interference. It also deals with the conduction and radiation, so as to provide a non-interference test environment for the tested wireless communication equipment.


Jc-gb33560 shielding box / shielding cabinet main functions and application scope

Wireless communication test

EMI test, EMS test

Coupling test (coupling antenna is equipped separately)

RF function test

Jc-gb33560 shielding box performance index parameters

Materials: sheet metal

Appearance color: beige

Working frequency: 0.8ghz-6ghz

Shielding effect: 0.8ghz-6ghz ≥ 70dB

Box size: (L) 760x (W) 1000x (H) 398mm ± 5mm

Working dimension: (L) 714x (W) 800X (H) 226mm ± 5mm

Jc-gb33560 screen box appearance picture size

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