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P2800 shielding cabinet

Jc-p2800 shielding cabinet product introduction

Shielding cabinet is a kind of cabinet type shielding box made of conductive or magnetic conducting materials, which limits the electromagnetic capacity within a certain space and is used to suppress radiation interference. It also deals with the conduction and radiation, so as to provide a non-interference test environment for the tested wireless communication equipment. Jc-p2800 is an aging experimental shielding box, which is suitable for aging and life testing of wireless communication equipment such as wireless network card, Bluetooth, mobile phone, router, tablet computer, etc. Large internal space, equipped with network communication settings.


Main functions and application scope of jc-p2800 shielding cabinet

Wireless communication test

EMI test, EMS test

Coupling test (coupling antenna is equipped separately)

RF function test

Performance index parameters of jc-p2800 shielding cabinet






(L)800x(W)750 x(H)1750mm±5mm









Appearance picture of jc-p2800 shielding cabinet shielding box

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