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Jc-pf0086 shielding room / shielding room

Jc-pf0086 shielding room / shielding room product introduction

Living in a complex society of electromagnetic environment, it is easy to be interfered by many kinds of external signals and the leakage of internal signals. For some precise instruments and equipment, their use is affected by various interference of external signals, and the results are not accurate. Shielding room is a kind of shielding body with various shapes made of conductive or magnetic conducting materials, which limits the electromagnetic ability in a certain space and is used to suppress radiation interference. It also deals with the conduction and radiation, so as to provide a non-interference test environment for the tested wireless communication equipment. Now, although there are shielding devices in each room, they can't shield signals very well. When people enter or leave the door, the external signals can still interfere with the indoor devices. A kind of shielding room is proposed.


Jc-pf0086 main functions and application scope of shielded room / shielded room

Wireless communication test

EMI test, EMS test

Coupling test (coupling antenna is equipped separately)

RF function test

Jc-pf0086 shielding room / shielding room performance index parameters

Material: galvanized sheet

Appearance color: beige

Working frequency: 0.8ghz-6ghz

Shielding effect: 0.8ghz-6ghz ≥ 70dB

Internal dimension: (L) 1540x (W) 1440x (H) 1780mm ± 5mm

Box size: (L) 1600x (W) 1500x (H) 1840mm ± 5mm

Appearance dimension: (L) 1840x (W) 1500x (H) 1925mm ± 5mm

Door size: (W) 800X (H) 1700mm ± 5mm

Jc-pf0086 screen room / screen room screen box appearance picture size

Jc-pf0086 screen room / screen room screen box appearance picture size

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