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Jc-pl2118 drawer type manual shielding box

Jc-pl2118 shielding box product introduction

Jc-pl2118 is a manual drawer type shielding box, suitable for wireless network card, router, tablet computer, cordless telephone and some wireless communication devices

Spare parts inspection. The utility model is made of aluminum material, with a firm structure, simple and convenient operation, and is an economic and practical shielding box at present.

Main functions and application scope of jc-pl2118 shielding box

The shielding cabinet is suitable for wireless communication test,

EMI test and EMS test;

Coupling test, (coupling antenna is equipped separately);

RF function test;


Performance index of jc-pl2118 shielding box

Working frequency 800mhz-6ghz shielding effect 800mhz-6ghz ≥ 70dB box size appearance size 690 (L) x 485 (W) x 130 (H) mm ± 5mm material aluminum plate appearance color Huawei grey

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