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SZPL3412 manual drawer type automatic shielding box

Jc-pl3412 shielding box product introduction

Jc-pl3412 is a pneumatic drawer type shielding box, which is suitable for the detection of wireless communication equipment such as wireless network card, router, mobile phone or PCB board. The shielding box is made of aluminum plate by welding. It has good shielding performance and is equipped with general clamps. It can be programmed to control horizontal in and out and vertical up and down. It is suitable to build automated production test.

Main functions and application scope of jc-pl3412 shielding box

The shielding box is suitable for wireless communication test

EMI test, EMS test

Coupling test, (coupling antenna is equipped separately)

RF function test.

Structural performance index of jc-pl3412 shielding box

Working frequency 600mhz-6ghz shielding effect 600mhz-6ghz ≥ 65dB working size (L) 420x (W) 370 x (H) 194mm ± 5mm box size (L) 800X (W) 444x (H) 305mm ± 5mm appearance size (L) 854.5x (W) 485x (H) 305mm ± 5mm clamp large travel 420mm material aluminum plate welding net weight 69.52kg communication port DB9, RJ45 appearance color beige

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