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Jc-pb2352 manual shielding box

Jc-pb2352 shielding box product introduction

Jc-pb2352 shielded box is a manual shielded box with large working size, which is suitable for the detection of wireless network card, router, tablet cordless telephone and some wireless communication equipment and components. It is welded by sheet metal and is the most economical and practical shielding box at present. The continuous improvement of aluminum interface manufacturing and surface treatment process, high-quality shielding materials and leading assembly rocess skills ensure the product quality.

Working principle of jc-pb2352 automatic shielding box

The full-automatic shielding box is made of conductive or magnetic materials, which is mainly suitable for testing of wireless communication products, such as mobile phones, wireless network cards, wireless data cards, wireless routers, WiFi and other related products. Features: one is to limit the radiation electromagnetic energy inside the equipment to exceed a certain area, that is, to absorb the internal interference signal; the other is to prevent the external radiation electromagnetic energy from entering a certain area, that is, to shield the external interference signal.

Main functions and application scope of jc-pb2352 shielding box

Wireless communication test

EMI testing,

EMS test

Coupling test (coupling antenna is equipped separately)

RF function test

Jc-pb2352 shielding box performance index parameters




0.1GHz-1GHz70 dB













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