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Automatic test robot for wireless Bluetooth mobile phone pro

"PCB automation test product" is a mature functional automation test solution developed and customized by Shenzhen Jiachen Technology Co., Ltd. according to customer needs. This product adopts the testing technology of the industry and well-known brand equipment components, and uses Jiachen test shielding box to truly realize the non screen test. It is suitable for the functional test of electromagnetic interference in the main board production lines such as various Bluetooth PCB boards, mobile PCB boards, RF products, etc. its performance and value far exceed the traditional manual operation in terms of cost input, production efficiency or quality control Test.

Shenzhen Jiachen technology, together with Epson technology, is a pioneer in automation testing industry. Jiachen technology is a professional shielding box, The manufacturer of the loudspeaker belongs to the level in the field of wireless electromagnetic interference test, which is mainly applicable to the EMI test of mobile phones, Bluetooth, GPS, walkie talkie and other series of wireless products. This time, with Epson technology, it is mainly to create an automatic test level. Epson technology is an expert in robotics. The four-axis and six-axis robots produced by Epson are widely used in factories and can be replaced by others Reduce labor cost and improve efficiency.

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